Take Out Menu

Sai Woo Boxes

come with preserved vegetables, gai lan, rice, congee, simple greens

Seafood Box · steamed seafood 30
Vegan Box · eggplant, sweet soy 25
Chicken Box · pan roasted chicken breast 25
Beef Box · wok beef 30


Kosoo Fried Chicken · soy garlic, spicy garlic, original 15
Gai Lan · oyster sauce, crispy shallots, chili oil 10
Fresh Ideas Start Here Grilled Octopus · squid, gochujang glaze, pickled zucchini, puffed rice, tender greens 25
Simple Greens · radish, compressed apple, lemon, olive, toasted pumpkin seed 10
Root Vegetable Salad · beet, turnip, radish, mint, basil, puffed buckwheat, yoghurt 15
Kale Salad · pork crisp, anchovy dressing, feta cheese 15
Mushroom Congee · ginger, scallion, preserved vegetables, poached egg, chili oil 10

Rice + Noodles

Sai Woo Fried Rice · preserved olives, asian greens, egg, scallion 12
Eggplant Rice · eggplant, sweet soy, served with sai woo fried rice 15
Chinese Pork Sausage Rice · served with sai woo fried rice 15
Kosoo Kimchi Fried Rice · served with sai woo fried rice 15
Wok Beef · hoisin sauce, greens, watercress and onion salad on steamed rice 15
Sai Woo Chop Suey · mushroom, egg, tofu, carrot, cabbage, greens, on steamed rice 15
Chow Mein · greens, sweet soy, chili sauce, soft poached egg, wheat noodle, crispy shallot 15