Chilled Small Plates

Apple Fennel Salmon   $14
House cured seasonal salmon, pickled daikon + fennel

Seoul Beef Tartare   $18
Fresh ground steak tartare, pear kimchi, smoked tomato, cilantro, grated parmesan + grilled sourdough

Warm Small Plates

House Cut Frites  $5
House cut + seasoned. Served with Japanese mayo

Big Mac Bao   1 for $7  |  2 for $13
Lettuce, beef patty, cornichon

XO Bao  1 for $8  |  2 for $15
Duck confit, gem lettuce, fennel + pickled red onion 

Dim Sum(4pcs)  $10
Choice of pork, shrimp or vegetable

Szechuan Beans  $12
Wok fried w. Ginger, garlic, shallot

Steamed Vegetable   $12
Soy garlic, black vinegar, crispy shallot

Vegetable Spring Roll(3pcs)  $10
served w. Yuzu plum sauce

BBQ Pork Spring Roll(3pcs)   $12
served w. Pineapple gastrique sauce

Peri Peri Brussel Sprouts   $12
Fried brussel sprouts, peri peri sauce

Eggplant  $14
Eggplant, fried tofu, sweet soy, shaved daikon

Beef & Broccoli  $17
Beef tenderloin, black pepper hoisin , broccoli, bell peppers, crispy garlic + shallots

Hurricane Prawns  $16
Tempura battered fried prawns, mixed crispy crumbs of Asian goodness, xo mayo

Hanoi Wings  $17
1 lb of fried chicken wings + drums. Traditional Vietnamese style. Choice of soy butter or lemongrass fish sauce

Sai Woo Sweet + Sour Fried Chicken  $17
Fried chicken, stir fry vegetables, cashew, house made sweet + sour sauce

Large Plates

Chefs Daily Chop Suey  $15
Please notify your server of any dietary

Eggplant Minced Pork   $15
Minced ground pork, dark soy, steamed eggplant, steamed chop garlic, + cilantro

Duck Soy Noodle  $18
Tokyo style egg noodle, soy marinated duck breast, soy marinated soft boiled egg, scallion, pea shoots, cilantro, sesame oil +

Dan Dan Noodle   $18
Pork belly, garlic sesame, ramen fusion Dan Dan topped 

Tianjin Fried Rice   $28
Lobster, king crab, mixed seafood fried rice,
w/Japanese style omelette + house starched sauce

Duck      1⁄2 order $17 | Full $34
Satsuma purée, grilled gailan, black cardamom sherry reduction

Dongpo Lettuce Wrap      1⁄2 order $17 | Full $34
Soy braised pork belly, pickle celeriac puree

Yunan Fried Rice  $25
Matsutake pine mushroom & mixed mushroom fried rice, mushroom soy + egg

Add on of steam rice + $3


Mochi(2pcs)   $8
cashew crumbs, maple syrup

Crème Brûlée  $10
Hong Kong milk tea, dark rum, French meringue + sesame, biscuit egg roll