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The Transformation of
a Legend Kosoo Restaurant Group
Introduces a trendy Korean Izakaya
at Sai Woo

The Transformation of a Legend Kosoo Restaurant Group
Introduces a trendy Korean Izakaya at Sai Woo

From Fun,
Casual Comfort to
Seoulful Delights

From Fun, Casual Comfort to
Seoulful Delights

In the heart of Vancouver’s historic Chinatown, culinary legend, Sai Woo Chop Suey, once stood, known for its casual comfort and timeless appeal.

For almost a century, it served as a cherished haven for locals and travelers alike. Words of change (whispered and/or caught attention), and in October 2023, Sai Woo Chop Suey underwent a remarkable transformation, emerging anew as Korean Pocha, promising Seoulful delights Our guiding principle was simple: Kosoo Restaurant group preserves the cherished traditions of Sai Woo while capturing the vibrance of modern Seoul.

Additionally, we kept the essence of the casual dining and Korean Izakaya experience, while incorporating the dynamic and Seoulful flavors of Korea. Our chefs are culinary magicians, crafting Korean recipes with the finest of ingredients. Each plate narrates a tale, from bubbling stews to a multitude of dishes At Korean Pocha, we offer more than just the popular Korean spirits like soju, beer, somaek, and makgeolli. Join us in our Dive into a world of unique and exclusive beverages ranging from makgeolli slushies and soju cocktails to soju sangrias and highballs Step inside, and you’re instantly transported to the bustling center of Seoul. Kosoo Pocha isn’t merely a restaurant; it’s a celebration of Chinatown’s legacy and a spiral into Korea’s soulful culture. Join us in our Seoulful transformation, where casual comfort intertwines with Seoulful delights. Welcome to Kosoo Pocha at Sai Woo where every visit promises not just a meal but an unforgettable experience.


Specials of Sai Woo

In the heart of Chinatown,
a historic storefront conceals
the secrets of Sai Woo.

We serve Asian Inspired Fusion Cuisine created with Chef’s Han and Takumi’s skills, using fresh local ingredients with surprising, light hearted twists. Diners Choice award on OpenTable with 4.4 stars and a 96% recommendation. Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor for third year running. Awarded runner up for Best Interior Design by Vancouver Magazine. Rated #9 out of 3000 Vancouver restaurants by TripAdvisor.